About Us

Leaps & Bounds Personal Training and Clinical Exercise Inc. will work with you to guide you toward your goals.

Our team of experienced, specialized trainers care about your well-being as much as you do. We will ensure that you receive the attention and commitment you deserve when you take the step of increasing your strength, aerobic capacity and general physical condition.

You will enjoy the spacious, semi-private facilities and will never wait in line to use the equipment you need.


Shirley Garrett

– CEO/President of Leaps & Bounds Personal Training & Clinical Exercise Inc.
– Medical Exercise Specialist (A.C.E.)
– Certified Health Coach (A.C.E.)
– Chef – Professional Culinary Arts diploma
– Seniors Fitness Instructor/Certified Osteoporosis Instructor (Human Kinetics/DSW Fitness)

Shirley founded Leaps & Bounds Personal Training in 1994 and is the owner and operator of the well equipped, comfortable, private and semi-private studios. These studios are located at #24-3033 King George Blvd in South Surrey, B.C.

Shirley has specialized in “Clinical” or “Medical” Exercise since 2001. She has gained expertise and education to support her management and design of exercise programs for clients (of all ages and fitness levels) as their Doctors, Physiotherapists and/or Psychologists prescribe exercise to help them improve their function and their quality of life.

Shirley GarrettWorking with Long Term Disability insurance companies and with ICBC, Shirley’s skills, creative approach and cheerful training style has helped many clients who suffer from injuries, illnesses and emotional difficulties – such as anxiety, stress and depression – to re-gain their confidence, strength, health and lifestyle.

As a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and as a member of the Advisory Board of the Canadian Academy of Lifestyle Medicine (C.A.L.M.), Shirley has grown her business to encompass complete Lifestyle Wellness and Healthy Living expertise. This now consists of more structured programs  – that include Health Coaching, Healthy Cooking Classes and Private Cooking Lessons – to ensure that anyone who wishes to change their lifestyle, their weight, their eating and cooking habits and their long term health and function, can do so with her assistance and guidance.

Most recently, Shirley Garrett was invited by the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, MA, to become a member of their inaugural class being trained by Dr. Rani Polak , M.D., MBA, Chef, to earn their first ever Certificate of Completion in Chef Coaching. As of this writing, Shirley has completed the classroom sessions and is now working with clients as their Chef Coach and will complete her certificate as a Chef Coach by April, 2016.

Telephone: 604-862-3564
Email:  Shirley Garrett

From our Clients…

I have some physical health challenges and Shirley is the trainer who has been able to help me stay well and progress.  My sessions of 3/4 hour several times a week are always interesting and Shirley seeks out new ways to keep me active and relatively pain free.  I appreciate that she continues to upgrade her skills and professional development.  She is respectful and genuinely concerned for my well being.  The gym is exceptionally clean, equipped with modern equipment and comfortable.  This is one of the most valuable things I’ve done for myself.

SJB  (client since 2003)

I started using the services of Leaps & Bounds in 2010.  As I trained, I set a goal to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Spring of 2012.  I’ve now met that goal and  continue to see Shirley for sessions, twice weekly. My experience has been good and this friendly, clean studio offers a wide variety of equipment and exercise styles.

Kathleen Casprowitz

Since a 1997 diagnosis of Osteoporosis, I’ve made exercise a regular part of my life.  Since starting to exercise with Shirley Garrett and Leaps & Bounds, I’ve made  gains in bone density, marked increase in muscle mass and overall better health and fitness.  Shirley combines her outstanding knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy with functional exercises and explanations that make my exercises more meaningful and fun.

On a recent tour, we found that we were in better shape than our younger travel-mates.  More able to scale the hills and had better endurance in the hot weather.

Joyce – client since 2005

I’ve been working with Shirley since 2007 and 5 yrs ago was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.    Because of my good fitness level and consistent exercise routine, the progression of the disease has slowed. My twice weekly routine at Leaps & Bounds includes many helpful balance exercises, strength exercises that help me function well in my daily activities and my cardio program keeps me in good shape for traveling, hiking and riding my bicycle.

Dan – client since 2007