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Leaps & Bounds Personal Training and Clinical Exercise Inc. will work with you to guide you toward your goals.

Our team of experienced, specialized trainers care about your well-being as much as you do. We will ensure that you receive the attention and commitment you deserve when you take the step of increasing your strength, aerobic capacity and general physical condition.

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Owen Garrett

Ph.D. Registered Psychologist: Dr. Owen Garrett

Dr. Garrett received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1992.  Over the years he has gained extensive clinical experience working both in private practice and as a consultant to variety of health care clinics and agencies in British Columbia.

His commitment and interest is in helping individuals develop the personal resources, skills and knowledge from which to live their lives with greater purpose, confidence, satisfaction and peace of mind.

He has helped people who have suffered from a variety of difficulties: depression, panic disorder, anxiety, worry, anger, feeling stuck, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, addictions, relationship strains and uncertainty. A variety of therapeutic approaches are used such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation practice.

The main ingredient to success is a collaborative partnership between therapist and client where both are willing to work hard to achieve the desired outcome.


Dr. Owen Garrett operates his private practice, Active Insights Health Care.

Please contact Dr. Garrett for more information about his services at:

Phone: 778-294-4295
Email: Active Insights
Address: Active Insights Health Care, #217-3388 Rosemary Heights Cres., Surrey, BC V3S 0K7