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Leaps & Bounds Personal Training and Clinical Exercise Inc. will work with you to guide you toward your goals.

Our team of experienced, specialized trainers care about your well-being as much as you do. We will ensure that you receive the attention and commitment you deserve when you take the step of increasing your strength, aerobic capacity and general physical condition.

You will enjoy the spacious, semi-private facilities and will never wait in line to use the equipment you need.


Step Up To Health!

Step Up- To Health | Exercise

Moving you from WILLPOWER to SKILLPOWER!

Step Up To Health | BeachLIFESTYLE MEDICINE will help you transform your health and help you live better and longer.

Four areas of Lifestyle Behavior are particularly important:

1) What we EAT
2) How ACTIVE we are
3) How we manage and respond to STRESS
4) SUBSTANCE USE, particularly Alcohol and Tobacco

There’s no denying that living longer in good health is a goal we would all like to achieve.  The good new is: We are living longer than previous generations.  The not-so-good news is that most of us are living those extra years in poor health due to chronic disease.

Medical research has proven that there is something we can do about it.  And it does not require expensive interventions like surgery or reliance on medications.  In fact, the research shows that this intervention can reduce developing most forms of chronic illness by up to 80%!

What’s even more astounding is that this reduction in risk of developing chronic illness continues to be significant even if you have a genetic history that could pre-dispose you to that illness.

So what is this powerful intervention?  LIFESTYLE MEDICINE!

STEP UP TO HEALTH program menu includes:

Step Up to Health | FoodPERSONAL FITNESS TRAINING in our private training studio or outdoors in the community

Certified HEALTH COACH services to help you set up your plan that will assist you in making the behavior changes that will let you enjoy the life you want to live

Professionally trained CHEF/CULINARY COACH will help you build confidence in the kitchen so you and your family can enjoy healthy, home-cooked meals

BEHAVIOR CHANGE & MINDFULNESS TRAINING – Psychologist, Dr. Owen Garrett will share his years of experience to guide you into achieving stress reduction through MINDFULNESS MEDITATION training.