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The Big 4-0! Christine Dalzell – The Trainer Gets Trained


The Big 4-0




Well, I can’t deny it any longer…it’s here. So let’s take stock and see where we’re at. I’ve gained about 5 lbs presumably in muscle (let’s hope!). I have lost inches in some places (waist, chest/back and calf) and gained in others (shoulders and biceps which I would expect as this is where I am seeing the biggest difference in the shape of my muscles and also in strength.)




We are still in endurance mode for my workouts. What this means is that I had some basic strength deficiencies and we are getting my body used to lots of reps at relatively light weight, though Manuel promises that we won’t be doing more than 20 lbs at any given time so I’m actually getting up there.




My biggest achievements to date are that with shoulder exercises I have added weight and reps. I started with 21-30 reps of 3-5 lbs for any shoulder work and that was pushing it and at my last shoulder workout I did 40 reps of 8 lbs twice through. Yay me!




My posture has improved big time. Manuel would remind me several times over the course of our hour together to stand up tall and now he rarely reminds me and some days not at all. Throughout my day I just pay more attention and it doesn’t ache so much to stand up straight. Since this was my top priority, I am very pleased with this result in such a short time.




Pushups. Well, when I started I was doing three sets of about 10-15 pushups (modified from my knees) and now I do three sets of 20.




Throughout these two months I have made steady progress on all muscle groups. Manuel and I have figured out what works and what doesn’t. I know the sound of his unsympathetic “uh-huh” when I am starting to tire – it actually means I’m doing A-okay. He knows my fidgeting feet mean that my shoulders are hurting so he cheers me on.




It may seem like a slow process – all this learning and figuring out but these two months of ground work will pay off through better form, stronger mind and ability to push through screaming muscles when we up the weight and really see what I can do without the risk of injury. It takes time and patience.

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