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Sunny morning workout in Duprez Ravine, White Rock, BC

My friends from the South Surrey board of GroYourBiz and I enjoyed tackling the Duprez Ravine in White Rock,BC on a perfect sunny morning.  We embarked on the trails from the “top end” and immediately noticed the fresh clean air from the old growth trees that surrounded us as well as from the Pacific Ocean below us at the bottom of the ravine.  The fitness levels of the group varied, so it was easy to send the “fitter” ones up and down a few staircases while the rest of the group paced themselves as they walked to the pre-determined meeting place (a picnic table in a clearing  with an ocean view) where we all let our legs take a break and performed some shoulder and arm-sculpting Dips and caught our breath – which is tough to do when you’re faced with the breathtaking scenery surrounding us.  The trails and steps are so very well maintained and although there are no markers or signs, it’s difficult to get lost because all trails lead to a major street or parking lot and they all lead up or down, so there’s little chance of losing your way.  We met friendly people with their friendly dogs who were enjoying a splash in the creek that runs the full length of the main trail.

I would encourage anyone who’s interested in giving this a try to contact me for directions, or to get a group together to enjoy a good calorie burn and leg workout in the most beautiful local setting imaginable.  Please consider giving this a try.  You’ll wish you had done it sooner.


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