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More than just a run today!


I embarked on my usual run this morning – sunny beyond belief and a weekend too!  I drove to Mud Bay Park in South Surrey and planned on doing the 10km that I usually run.  But as I reached the half-way point, I felt so comfortable and the pace seemed so good, I decided to add another mile by continuing on for 1/2 mile and once I turned around, it would add a whole mile to the 10km (6.2 miles).  Why not, right?  If it feels good, carry on, I always say.

As I approached my “new” turn around spot, I noticed that someone has been exercising their creative skills on some of the driftwood that washes up with the tides.  They’ve been busy painting some of the shapely pieces of wood as Giraffes!  There’s a sign nearby, posted by the Delta Parks Dept. that says “Wildlife Management Area”, which struck me as very funny, since Giraffes are not the usual “wildlife” one would expect to see at Mud Bay Park.

This fun experience is the type of thing that inspires me every time I go outside for exercise.  I never know what Mother Nature – or some creative member of the community – will surprise me with that day.  It’s always worth the effort and the reward.



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