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Last Night’s Cooking Class

Last Night’s Cooking Class

Interactive Cooking Class

This morning we’re celebrating the success and wonderful experience of our first Fitness & Food Forum healthy cooking class presented by Leaps & Bounds Personal Training & Clinical Exercise Inc.

Our guest Chef, Marilyn Pearson, Cuisine & Company engaged the entire group of guests with her expertise and her easy going way of helping them participate in the preparation of our Pad Thai Salad, the Sweet Potato, White Bean & Kale Korma and the crowning glory of the One-Ingrendient “Ice Cream” with endless creative toppings.

Through my own experience at the Healthy Kitchen, Healthy Lives conference at the Culinary Institute of America,  I’ve learned that the best way for most people to become confident and comfortable in preparing fresh, local ingredients into their lifestyle is by doing through hand-on practice.  With the supervision and guidance of an experienced Chef, it becomes so simple to do.

Marilyn arrived in the local teaching kitchen that we rented for the evening, bearing pots of beautiful, fresh herbs.  In fact I could smell the fresh fragrances of her armload of plants before she even came into the room. And we learned another important thing from her at that moment.  The kitchen and the dining area should be a feast for the eyes before you even taste the food.  And with these lovely herbs on the countertop, we agreed that it was indeed a glorious “garnish” for the entire classroom.

We also learned through interacting with her, how to use every last piece of scrap, peel, spice, herb and anything else that we might not have considered before, to make a rich, fragrant and delicious vegetable stock. And then to use that stock for cooking healthy grains, for turning last night’s meal into a decadent soup just by pouring on our hot stock.  Or, in the absence of stock we can wrap the meal in a tortilla or flatbread and enjoy it for lunch the next day.

I think the best lesson we learned last night was to think outside the box. And to get comfortable imagining the possibilities and creating flavour combinations that appeal to you.  And to have fun.

We hope this class will lead to a series of healthy cooking lessons in our area.  Please stay tuned and keep watching our website and Facebook page for more information.