About Us

Leaps & Bounds Personal Training and Clinical Exercise Inc. will work with you to guide you toward your goals.

Our team of experienced, specialized trainers care about your well-being as much as you do. We will ensure that you receive the attention and commitment you deserve when you take the step of increasing your strength, aerobic capacity and general physical condition.

You will enjoy the spacious, semi-private facilities and will never wait in line to use the equipment you need.




Organize your “TOOLBOX” before you begin.  It should include:

  • Knowing what type of exercise will it require.  You may need a reliable book or DVD, hire a Personal Trainer, join a fitness class or talk to your Doctor about what’s necessary to get fit safely.
  • Set up the network you’ll need.  Do you need a Dietitian?  A Personal Trainer?  Might you enjoy exercising with a group rather than by yourself?  Enlist a good friend or spouse as your partner.  Do whatever you’ll need to ensure that you won’t give up.
  •  If you’re using the help of a fitness professional, make sure you ask for and check their credentials and references.  They should be certified, experienced and insured.
  • Schedule.  And stick to it! How much time can you devote to exercise?  Will you need to do something every day? 3 times a week?  How long should each session be? Depending on your goals, you may need to spend an hour each day or maybe you can achieve your first milestone by exercising 10 minutes, 3 times a day.  Your schedule must fit into your life.  It’s essential to understand what you NEED and what you CAN DO.
  • Gadgets that help you measure your accomplishments such as Heart Rate monitor, Pedometer, Scale, GPS monitor.  Appropriate clothing, footwear, first-aid kit, sunscreen.  A logbook or diary.  Try an online food tracking website.

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