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Nothing feels better …

Although I’ll run in the rain – it’s better than not running at all – nothing feels better than a good, solid run on a sunny, crisp, clear day.  I enjoyed a wonderful 7 mile run yesterday and even took my phone with me to snap some images of the wildlife that I saw on the route.  I saw tons of small birds, a bald eagle sitting in a tall tree being harassed by crows, there was a beautiful heron standing ankle deep in the low tide and at the very end of the first half of my route (at the turn-around point) I took a great shot of the goats that many of you have heard me raving about, but what really intrigued me was the background.

I was standing within feet of the ocean (my back was to the water), I had a field of grazing goats right in front of me, the farmhouse just beyond them and then farther north I saw the freeway, the tall buildings in Burnaby and then the North Shore mountains beyond that.  Pretty cool.

Consider this beauty as you contemplate going for a walk, bike ride or a jog.  It’s hard to turn around and end the exercise session when you have all this to look at.  And the air couldn’t be fresher! Follow us on Facebook.

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